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10 Important Inquiries About Obtaining Turkish Citizenship Through Real Estate Ownership

Some people want to obtain Turkish citizenship and enjoy its advantages and the strength of the Turkish passport, especially the nationalities whose passport holders do not allow entry to many countries or who suffer from wars in their countries and are looking for a safe haven in Turkey without the need to issue a residence permit and renew it annually, and as soon as the idea appears, a group begins Among the questions that come to mind, Istiklal Homes offers you a set of questions and inquiries with their legal answers according to the latest official updates.


1- How can a foreigner obtain Turkish citizenship directly?

This can be done through several types of investment, the easiest of which is real estate investment, according to the "Turkish citizenship in exchange for investment" program issued in 2017, and its amendments in 2018, 2019 and 2022.


2- What is the minimum investment that grants the investor the right to obtain Turkish citizenship?

As for real estate investment, the value of the property that grants its owner the right to apply for Turkish citizenship is 400 thousand dollars.


3- What is meant by "the right to obtain Turkish citizenship"?

Your purchase of a property with the value mentioned above does not mean granting you Turkish citizenship, but rather granting you the right to apply for it, so that the authorities will then conduct a detailed search for you and any impurity that could prevent you from obtaining Turkish citizenship.


4- Is it possible to refuse an application for Turkish citizenship through real estate ownership?

Yes, but in very few cases, such as if the applicant had relations with suspicious parties hostile to the Turkish state, or the file included forged papers, other than that, nothing prevents the authorities from granting Turkish citizenship to foreign investors.


5- How is the price of the property purchased with the aim of obtaining Turkish citizenship determined?

This is done by submitting a real estate appraisal report through cooperation with companies licensed by the Ministry of Environment, Urbanization and Climate Change in Turkey or directly from the Land Registry and Land Survey Directorate, and we advise here to request a real estate appraisal report from the property owner or construction company before signing the purchase contract to ensure compliance The advertised price is the real price of the property.


6- Once I get the real estate appraisal report, can I transfer the property value to the seller?

No.. A presidential decree was issued in this regard on the sixth of January 2022. If you want to buy real estate in a foreign currency, you must go to any bank branch operating in Turkey (public or private) and sell your foreign currency to the Central Bank of Turkey through the intermediary bank to be replaced In Turkish lira, and then you must transfer the value of the property in Turkish lira to the customer’s account from the same intermediary bank.


7- What documents must be included in the file to obtain Turkish citizenship?

A copy of the property purchase contract.
Evaluation of the real estate report and it must be issued no more than 3 months before the date of submitting the application.
- A copy of the title deed of the property (easement or housing).
The foreign currency sale receipt for the Central Bank of Turkey, including the reason for the sale, is that it is for the purpose of buying a property to obtain Turkish citizenship, and this is done through a public or private bank that plays the role of an intermediary bank.
A receipt for transferring the value of the property in Turkish lira from the account of the foreign buyer to the account of the Turkish seller.
A document "suitable for Turkish citizenship" and extracted from the Turkish Ministry of Environment, Urbanization and Climate Change.
- Passport copies of the buyer and his family (children under 18 years old)
The investor's tax number.
The wife’s consent to grant her and her children Turkish citizenship based on her husband’s investment or refusal.
All foreign papers must be translated and certified by the Turkish Notar.


8- What are the specifications of the property corresponding to Turkish citizenship?

Its value must not be less than $400,000, which is determined by the real estate appraisal report.
The owner of the property must be of Turkish origin and not Turkish by naturalization in any way.
It is necessary that the property has not been sold before for the same purpose, that is, to obtain Turkish citizenship.
The property must be purchased in cash, and the purchase is not accepted in installments unless its installments exceed $400,000. In this case, each installment is calculated separately according to the exchange rate bulletin on the day before it was issued.
Manual payment of the property value is not accepted, and this must be done exclusively by bank transfer.


9- Do all foreign nationals have the right to obtain Turkish citizenship through real estate ownership?

All nationalities allowed by the Turkish real estate ownership law, which was concluded by Parliament in the middle of 2012, which includes 183 nationalities, are entitled to apply for Turkish citizenship when owning real estate.


10- Can I use the property for the 3-year period?

Yes, you can benefit from it either by housing or by renting, but you are not entitled to sell it or give up its ownership in any way until after the lapse of the three years.


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