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Aksaray district in Istanbul
Aksaray tourist area, as it is one of the most desirable areas of Istanbul in shopping and tourism

Aksaray district in Istanbul

Aksaray district is one of the most important tourist places in Istanbul

When coming to Istanbul, the tourist must visit Aksaray, the most beautiful area of ​​the historical Al-Fateh district in the European section of the city, and one of the first areas frequented by tourists, especially Arab tourists, as it is the vital heart of Istanbul, as it is an important commercial and tourist center that contains many markets, including the underground market that contains dozens Shops and a wholesale market, and it is an important transportation node in which all transportation is available, such as the Aksaray metro, tram, etc. It is easily accessible from the new Istanbul International Airport

The area contains a large chain of different Turkish, Arab and international restaurants, and there are many tourist offices in it. Aksaray district is less modern compared to other areas of Istanbul and includes a huge number of historical tourist attractions

The best places and attractions in Aksaray district


Arab Street in Istanbul

As evidenced by the name, it is the favorite street for Arab tourists in Istanbul, where shops and restaurants are spread at competitive prices and huge commercial malls. It is also possible to visit the famous Pritifinal Mosque, which is characterized by the Ottoman style


The Pertifinal Mosque, the mother of the Sultan

One of the most beautiful mosques in Istanbul with a wonderful Ottoman architectural style built by the Ottoman Sultan Abdul Aziz and has unique interior decorations and designs


Byzantine walls

One of Istanbul's oldest tourist attractions, Aksaray, which dates back to the fifth century AD, when it was founded by the Byzantine emperors to protect the city from invasion.


Yani Kapi Square

Famous for Aksaray Square, one of Istanbul's most important tourist attractions, which has a wonderful view of the Bosphorus, abounding with various restaurants and cafes, and is witnessing the organization of many folkloric shows with an integrated entertainment area for children


Turkmenistan park

The favorite place for those looking for calm and away from the noise of the city and enjoying among the green trees with beautiful Bosphorus views


There are many malls in Aksaray, the most important of which are


Historia Mall Istanbul

One of the most famous malls in the Aksaray region and contains many international brands


New Aksaray Mall Istanbul

It is one of the largest existing malls, as the mall consists of six floors and contains 100 shops of the most famous international brands

Sosyal Medyada Paylaş

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