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Avcilar area in Istanbul
The coastal area of ​​Avcilar, the region is rich in recreational places and charming views

Avcilar area in Istanbul

Avcılar region was established in 1992 and the word Avcılar means fishermen in the Turkish language. The region is named after the work of the local people in the region in sea fishing, due to its distinctive coastal location on the shore of Lake Kucukcekmece and the Sea of ​​Marmara

Avcilar is one of the most crowded areas in the city compared to its area, and it is one of the most beautiful coastal areas in Istanbul overlooking the sea and the lake.


Avcilar district location

Avcilar is located in the European side of Istanbul and is surrounded by the following areas:

Kucukcekmece Lake and Region in the East

Basaksehir district in the north

Beylikdüzü and Esenyurt in the west

The Sea of ​​Marmara in the south

Avcilar district is 26 km from the center of Istanbul

Avcilar is a main entrance to the center of Istanbul, which made it strategically important and a decisive defense point in the history of the city, as the name of the region is linked to repelling the attacks on the city from the west, and the new Istanbul Water Canal project passes from Kucukcekmece Lake adjacent to Avcilar, which will guarantee the real estate of the region an investment value. real

The E-5 and D-100 highways also pass through the region to connect it to other regions, as well as there are many means of transportation and marine transportation on the coast of the region to make it easy to move around


Tourist places in Avcilar district

Avcilar is a lively area until late at night, with restaurants and cafes brimming with delicious meals, bustling shopping centers and shops making it vibrant and the most famous of these tourist places.


 1 Avcilar Coast

Where the coast of Avcilar extends over the Sea of ​​Marmara and has a variety of recreational facilities, starting with its walking and cycling paths, Avcilar Park and Garden on the coast, restaurants and cafes, to its beautiful and picturesque views, and it is one of the most beautiful places in the region


 2 Marmara market

It is located in the center of Avcilar district, which is one of the most active markets in the region. Its modern shops are diverse, and the visitor can spend a good time in it


 3 Snow Garden

The snow park is located in the Turim Mall, adjacent to the Avcilar area, and is intended for visitors and tourists to enjoy its cold weather in the summer weather and to play snow and ice games, which are suitable for young and old alike.


 4 Pelican Mall

Pelican Mall is located on the E5 highway near Avcilar Governmental Hospital

It is a large commercial complex that contains various types of goods, and there are many sections for household, food, electrical and electronic goods, in addition to restaurants, cafes and gift shops. The stores also include many international brands.


The area has distinctive sea views of the Marmara Sea and Lake Küçükçekmece. It has a wide transportation network and important commercial centers, which makes it desirable by tourists and investors, especially Arabs.

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