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The project is located in Zeytinburnu in the European section of Istanbul 1109.
A huge modern investment project in an important and distinguished center in the heart of Istanbul, suitable for Turkish citizenship.

Starting at :237,000 $




68 M²


Construction company:

Exeriva Construction


Zeytinburnu district:

Zeytinburnu is one of the central coastal areas in Istanbul, and the region is distinguished for being one of the most important tourist and residential destinations, as well as its proximity to Sultanahmet and Hagia Sophia.

Zeytinburnu is considered one of the most important transportation centers in Istanbul and contains the most important transportation node in it.

Zeytinburnu is considered one of the service areas in Istanbul due to the availability of transportation, schools, hospitals and tourist facilities.


Project details:

It is located in European Istanbul, among the best real estate in Zeytinburnu

The total area of ​​the project is 150,000 square meters, the number of apartments in the project is 1441 apartments, the project contains 14 buildings

The height of the project is 5 to 15 floors

Shops: 71 shops and 96 offices

Types of apartments in the project 1 + 1, 2 + 1, 3 + 1, 4 



Project features:

• The project is suitable for those wishing to obtain Turkish citizenship and is also suitable for those wishing to invest in real estate.

• The project is designed as a contemporary neighborhood and is part of an ecosystem rich in leafy courtyards.

• The apartments enjoy different landscapes, outdoor sports facilities and social meeting points.

• The project contains four different gardens: a forest garden - an aromatic garden - sandy water bodies for children - a fruitful garden


Project site features:

• The project contains a luxury shopping center that brings natural light to all corners of the market.

• The market combines the latest brands, adding a sense of excitement to the project.

• Very elegant interior and exterior finishes and high quality raw materials.

• The project is surrounded by hospitals and markets that meet all the needs of the population

 Flat styles: 




Number of rooms

Residential apartment

237.000 $



Residential apartment

304.000 $



Residential apartment

514.000 $



Residential apartment

668.000 $






Project services:

·       Sauna

·       Car parking

·       fitness centre

·       Turkish bath

·       Swimming pool

·       Playgrounds

·       Kindergarten

·       Shopping centers


Payment method:

    cash Money

• By installments: 30% down payment for a period of 24 months.

Project Map

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