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Sisli district in Istanbul
Istanbul comes at the forefront of cities known for its cultural and cultural richness, in addition to its great development and solid economy, as it managed to become the economic capital of Turkey

Sisli district in Istanbul

and this is what attracted the attention of investors to it to establish real estate projects in it. If you are one of those looking for apartments for sale in Istanbul, you will be surprised by the many and varied options available. You can get all kinds of apartments and properties such as smart apartments, villas, and various commercial properties.

Where is Sisli located in Istanbul?

Sisli is located in the European section of Istanbul near the well-known Taksim area, which is no more than 2 km away from it. Sisli is one of 29 other municipalities belonging to the city of Istanbul. Sisli is surrounded by a number of famous and important areas such as Levent, Besiktas, Fatih and others, as it is located in a vital center of the city and this is considered one of the reasons for the success of investments in it.


Factors that contribute to attracting foreigners to Sisli:

• It is characterized by its unique and distinguished geographical location, as it is one of the central areas in Istanbul and is close to the most important areas such as: Taksim / Besiktas / Sariyer / Sultan Ayoub / Levent, and it is also close to the sea.

• It is also distinguished by having a wide service package, most notably the integrated transportation network, such as: Metrobus / various buses.

• Sisli is distinguished as a tourist destination agreed upon by the masses of tourists due to the distinction of its tourist attractions such as: Sisli Mosque / Istanbul Military Museum and others.

• The Sisli area includes a large and wide number of shopping centers and commercial centers, the most prominent of which are: Cevahir Mall, or as it is called (Mall of Arabia), and there is the Kanyon Mall.


Real estate investment in Sisli:

• Recently, the Sisli area in Istanbul has been considered one of the most important real estate investment areas in the city, especially with the urban development it is witnessing and the expansion in the number of projects being produced.

• Real estate in the Sisli area is characterized as a system of luxury residential complexes designed according to the latest international building standards. The best building materials are used in their construction. They are also earthquake-resistant, sound- and heat-insulated.

• Residential complexes in Sisli are followed by the most important service and entertainment facilities that give housing the characteristic of comfort and luxury. In addition, the residential apartments that are located within these complexes are characterized as having large areas suitable for large families looking for privacy.

• Living in Sisli Istanbul is a choice for a lifestyle with a luxurious living and social standard.


The most important reasons that drive you to choose housing in Sisli Istanbul:

• One of the most important things that makes living in Sisli Istanbul a special choice is that it offers a large number of real estate options for those looking for a typical apartment for sale. It also has a wide number of different communities, which indicates its cultural and intellectual diversity.

• And that this region has undergone many reforms and urban transformation, which made the demand around it increase, especially as the properties in it bear a unique and distinct architectural imprint that is rarely found in other areas in Istanbul.

• Although real estate prices in Sisli Istanbul are somewhat high, this does not negate the fact that there is a possibility to find real estate with reasonable prices in some parts of it. In this context, it is important to go towards projects that are still under construction, as they are of great benefit to the investor, as upon completion of the construction phase, the prices of this type of real estate increase significantly.


Transportation in the Sisli area:

Sisli is located in a vital point within Istanbul, 2 km from Taksim Square.

Its location in the center makes it a vital point and an important transportation node, as many transportation lines branch out from it that connect us to all the neighborhoods and regions of Istanbul and to its Asian and European sides together.


investment importance:

The central location of Sisli in the heart of the vital areas of Istanbul and its proximity to Taksim Square doubles the desire for investment and housing in it.

As we mentioned above, the region is a commercial center and a central market in which all public transportation services and communications are available and equipped with modern infrastructure. It is surrounded by many important and famous areas in Istanbul such as (Besiktas - Kaptash - Levent - Sariyer - Fatih - Ayoub), so it is a key number in the list of attractive areas. in Istanbul.


The best tourist places in Sisli:

The region is considered one of the tourist areas in the city of Istanbul, as it contains many historical monuments and prominent entertainment attractions that attract foreign tourists, including:

• Istanbul Military Museum Askeri müze, which contains thousands of artifacts belonging to the Ottoman army, such as swords, shields, and others.

• Ataturk Museum, which contains Ataturk's pictures, properties, and paintings.

• Sisli Mosque, which is considered one of the most famous religious monuments built on the Ottoman architectural style.

• The Cathedral of the Holy Spirit, which is the second largest Catholic church in Istanbul.

Galatasaray Club Stadium.

Machka Park

• Yildiz Park

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