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The most famous area of Istanbul is Esenyurt
Esenyurt district in Istanbul is one of the most famous areas in Istanbul, Turkey. It is one of the largest administrative areas in Istanbul, distinguished by its population that combines various Arab, Turkish and European nationalities, especially in Esenyurt Square

The most famous area of Istanbul is Esenyurt

which includes many popular markets, and Esenyurt has recently witnessed great interest. From the Turkish government, industries flourished there and markets and shops multiplied, and the urban sector in Esenyurt developed remarkably.


Where is Esenyurt located?

 Esenyurt is located on the European side of Istanbul, between the two lakes of Kucukcekmece.

Büyükçekmece is bordered by Avcilar to the east and Beylikduzu to the south, while Basaksehir and Bahçeşehir are bordered to the north.

Its important location is considered an attractive location for investment and the purchase of homes in it. Because of its proximity to the Istanbul Canal and Airport projects.

It also extends on the E5 and E80 transportation routes.


Transportation in Esenyurt:

One of what distinguishes the Esenyurt region most, and provides its residents with comfort and ease of access to their homes, is the transportation and the many means of transportation in the region, as the Esenyurt region provides its residents with the following:

• Esenyurt is bordered to the north by the TEM highway and to the south by the E-5 highway.

• Esenyurt includes several bus stations that make it easier for residents to move within the region and to other areas in Istanbul.

• Esenyurt also has several Metrobus stations, which is one of the fastest means of transportation in Istanbul.

• One of the most important means of transportation is the metro line, which starts in Mahmoud Bey and ends in Esenyurt Square.


Housing features in Esenyurt:

In recent years, Esenyurt has turned into one of the most vibrant areas, due to the many features that prompted investors and many segments of society to live or invest in it.

• Its acceptable location in terms of proximity to the city center.

• Competitive real estate prices for other regions.

• Relatively low real estate rent.

• Good municipal services and abundant service facilities.

• Its proximity to the modern Beylikduzu and Basaksehir areas.

• The vital and highway network that serves it.

• Esenyurt is also known for its cheap popular markets, in parallel with the presence of many important shopping malls.


Advantages of buying an apartment in Esenyurt:

• The presence of many modern complexes in it.

• Its real estate prices are relatively acceptable.

• Its proximity to Basaksehir, which is one of the most important and active real estate areas.

• Its location adjacent to the E5 and E80 motorways, which provides a strong connection to the city center and other areas.


What are the advantages of real estate investment in Esenyurt?

• Istanbul as a whole is witnessing a strong real estate renaissance, and Esenyurt was not isolated from that. On the contrary, it witnessed an urban revolution and clear real estate development, and this increased the successful real estate investment movements in it.

• The strategic location of Esenyurt, which forms a link between the east and west of Istanbul, in addition to its presence in the European part and its proximity to the most important landmarks.

• The remarkable real estate diversity, where different types of real estate and real estate investments, real estate development projects and residential complexes are available in Esenyurt.

• The active tourist movement in Esenyurt, where it enjoys the most wonderful and beautiful natural views.

• Competitive prices for Esenyurt real estate, including residential real estate, when compared with other European real estate counterparts.

• Governmental support for the real estate sector in Turkey, which was characterized by strong support for pushing and increasing real estate investment movements in Turkey by granting Turkish citizenship to foreign investors through real estate investment in Turkey, within specific conditions.

• Availability of necessary and recreational service facilities, proximity to the most important city centers in Istanbul, public roads and modern transportation.

• The availability of real estate companies and their provision of many services required to start and succeed in real estate investment projects in Esenyurt.


What is the most famous characteristic of Esenyurt?

Esenyurt is full of advanced facilities and real estate, and what is most commonly mentioned in it is the diverse popular markets rich in national and foreign goods and products, and there are beautiful green gardens that adorn the huge number of real estate, such as Erdogan Esenyurt Park, Martyrs Park and others...

Finally, Esenyurt has the newest and fastest transportation routes E5 and E80, as these two lines are considered one of the most important and best features of living in Esenyurt and the ease of movement therein...

The various real estate companies provide ease of involvement in the real estate world of Esenyurt and keeping up with the latest real estate development projects in it.

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