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Types of investment in Ankara
Turkish cities attract tourists from all over the world, as each city in Turkey is characterized by its own character and includes various tourist attractions. If you are a fan of pristine nature with its forests, mountains

Types of investment in Ankara

and valleys, or you are interested in discovering historical monuments, you will find everything you like in Turkey.

On the other hand, Turkey is a destination for businessmen and investors interested in the Turkish real estate market and those looking for apartments for sale in Istanbul, in both its Asian and European parts. Where the country meets the most prominent economic and tourism elements that make it a fertile environment for investment and tourism at the same time.


Where is the city of Ankara located?

The city of Ankara is located almost in the center of Turkey, and it is part of the internal Anatolia region, and this location gives it a strategic dimension, as it is located at the meeting point of roads heading to various parts and regions of Turkey.

The city is the capital of Turkey and the second largest city in terms of population after Istanbul. It is the center of political and diplomatic activity. It is an important industrial and commercial center, and provides a clear picture of modern Turkey.

Ankara developed very quickly, as it witnessed a large migration of job seekers from other Turkish cities or from the countryside, and the total population of the city until 2015 was about 5 million and 300 thousand people.


What are the best types of investment in Ankara, Turkey?

The strong infrastructure that Ankara enjoys, and the availability of many investment ingredients in it, have contributed to the creation of many investment opportunities in Ankara in many fields and various sectors.

As a general result, the investor will find in front of him a wide range of successful investment opportunities to choose among them projects that may generate huge profits for him.

Among the most prominent types of investment in Ankara, Turkey are the following:

Real Estate Investment:

Many investors have focused their attention on real estate investment in Turkey in general, and on Ankara real estate in particular, as it constitutes the political pole of the country, and the economic and industrial center.

The real estate sector in Ankara has also witnessed an increasing demand for real estate by foreign investors in recent times, and foreign investments have witnessed great activity in this city, as Ankara has achieved third place in Turkey.

Tourism investment:

The diversity of the tourist attractions in Ankara, and the great demand it witnessed from tourists, made it a destination for tourism investments, as the city of Ankara has the strong ground for establishing many tourism projects.

Industrial investment:

The development of industrial investment in Ankara and the multiplicity of investment fields in it, attract large investors to work in this sector, which encourages the entry of investors to make investment deals in the industrial sector and the presence of many industrial cities in Ankara.



What are the advantages of real estate investment in Ankara?

• The fact that the city of Ankara is the capital, which includes most of the consulates and embassies in it, and many ministries and state institutions are also concentrated there.

• Ankara represents the country's second economic center after Istanbul.

• The relative calm that characterizes Ankara compared to the city of Istanbul.

• Reasonable prices for real estate in Ankara.

• Obtaining a fixed, continuous and guaranteed monthly financial return.

• Increasing the value of the capital or increasing the value of the property in the long term, meaning that the value of the property after several years will rise and thus the capital will increase.

• Obtaining Turkish citizenship by owning a property with a value of not less than 400 thousand US dollars.


Is Ankara a distinguished city for investment?

The city of Ankara is one of the main windows that opens up promising investment horizons for businessmen, thanks to its many investment ingredients, represented by modern and developed areas, strong infrastructure, and various tourist places, which support the establishment of investments, and ensure their success to a large extent.

The presence of many developed areas in Ankara, which prepares the strong ground for building real estate projects, and its location in central areas near the tourist attractions on the one hand, and its proximity to shopping centers, government, health and educational institutions on the other hand, makes it an ideal choice for investment.

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