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Why invest in Turkey
It provides you with speed in the world in addition to providing investor-specific investment opportunities. friendly to the judiciary.

Why invest in Turkey

. Where a special number is added to Turkey. In addition, foreigners who established a company in Turkey and employed at least 50 Turkish citizens are entitled to obtain Turkish citizenship directly.


What characterizes the Turkish real estate market?

 One of the most prominent features of the Turkish real estate market is that it is an emerging and strong market, and it is the second most active and strongest construction market in the world, and Turkey ranks fourth among the ten best real estate investment sites in the world because of the ingredients and infrastructure it possesses, and thanks to the large government facilities it provides to foreigners wishing to own property. Turkey's geographical location in relation to the world also plays a major role in making it a destination for foreign investments, as it is a gateway between East and West.


Features of real estate investment in Istanbul:

Real estate prices in Turkey are cheap:

 Turkey, especially the city of Istanbul, is one of the cities with average or cheap prices in terms of real estate, and this is due to several reasons and factors that make Istanbul a center to attract investors from all over the world to buy and invest in the European side of Istanbul, and that cheap prices and low cost facilitate the purchase process and ensure success in the investment guarantees profits and financial returns to the investor.

Ample opportunities for success and distinction:

  The real estate market in Turkey witnessed inflation and an increase in the number of foreign and Turkish investors, and this inflation continued until this year 2022, and the number of investors increased even more, and the main reason for this inflation was the profits accruing to the investor, as the investor tries to find investment projects to achieve success and profit.

 After the real estate purchase process and determining the type of real estate investment and its investment purpose, he will find the great ease in the real estate investment process

Tax exemptions for investors:

 Among the facilities provided by the Turkish government in the field of real estate for non-resident foreign investors is the exemption from added tax, which provides the investor with a large amount of money, which attracted foreign investors and urged them to buy and invest in real estate in Istanbul during these years, and made Turkey's economy flourish, as well. Making the Turkish real estate market prosperous, and meeting all real estate investor requests.

Good financial returns that can be increased over time:

To invest in European Istanbul enables you to profit more than other investments, the investor in Istanbul guarantees the stability of capital in the worst case, but if the purchase period is long, he guarantees sure and huge profits, and the monthly or annual benefit from the property is by renting it, renting real estate must It takes place in the places of tourists and temporary visitors, and this is in places of tourism and natural areas overlooking the lakes, and these places abound in Istanbul in its Asian and European parts, and the investor must choose the location of the property very carefully because of its importance in attracting tourists and tenants, and a beautiful view of the property should be chosen that sends The residents are reassured and psychologically comfortable and support the tourism movement in the country.

Facilities provided by the Turkish government:

 The Turkish government has provided a large number of facilities in the field of real estate investment, and it periodically carries out real estate campaigns urging support for investors and facilitating investment procedures in the country. Providing facilities to purchase the property as soon as possible, and paper transactions are completed in a fast and distinguished time, which contributes to attracting all investors from all over the world towards these great facilities in the investment process.

Obtaining Turkish citizenship:

   This feature is considered the biggest and best advantage for what foreign investors seek. The investor can obtain Turkish citizenship under specific conditions. The property must be worth at least $400,000. Investors coming from unstable and insecure countries obtained Turkish citizenship after only 90 days of Owning a property in Turkey, and after the year 2022 witnessed a major movement in real estate and a clear boom in the Turkish real estate market, an analysis was carried out in this regard, and it was found that up to 40% of these investors had the primary purpose of obtaining Turkish citizenship.


Among the reasons for investing in Turkey:

1. The Turkish economy is a successful one:

A promising economy with a bright future, as it is expected to become one of the fastest growing economies and a prosperous economy, with the GDP increasing more than three times, reaching $851 billion in 2017.

Stable economic growth based on an average annual real GDP growth rate of 5.8% between 2002 and 2017, according to TurkStat.

among OECD members during the period 2018-2019, with an annual average real GDP growth of 5.0%.

.2Qualified and competitive workforce in Turkey:

Over 31.6 million highly educated and motivated young professionals (2017, Turkish Statistical Institute).

Continuous growth in performance and achievement rates, and increased productivity.

More than 800 thousand students graduate annually from more than 183 universities (Statistics of the year 2017, CoHE).

More than 985,000 students graduated from secondary schools, almost half of whom graduated from vocational and technical schools (2017, Ministry of National Education).

3. A distinctive investment climate is one of the most important reasons for investing in Turkey

The second most reformed climate among OECD countries in terms of restrictions on FDI since 1997 (OECD FDI Regulatory Barriers Index 1997-2017).

An environment conducive to launching a business with an average of 5 days to set up a business (World Bank Doing Business 2018).

Highly competitive investment conditions.

Strong culture in the industrial and service sectors.

Equal treatment for all investors.

international arbitration.

Ensure the execution of transfers.

4. The infrastructure in Turkey is suitable for investment

A new high-tech infrastructure in transportation, telecommunications and energy.

Advanced and low-cost marine transportation facilities.

Provides the option of rail transportation to Central and Eastern Europe.

Smooth transportation routes, direct delivery mechanism to most EU countries.

5. The central location of Turkey in the heart of the world

A natural bridge linking the east-west and north-south axes, providing efficient and cost-effective access to major markets.

Access to 1.7 billion customers in Europe, the Middle East and North Africa.

Gateway to multiple markets representing US$25 trillion in GDP.

6. Turkey is a station and corridor for the transfer of energy to Europe

An important station and corridor for energy transmission in Europe linking East and West.

Turkey is located near more than 70% of the world's proven primary energy reserves, while the largest energy consumer, Europe, is located adjacent to Turkey to the west, which makes Turkey an important link in the energy transmission chain and an important energy port in the region.

7. Low taxes and incentives in Turkey to encourage investment

Reducing corporate income tax from 33% to 20% (22% for 2018, 2019, and 2020).

Tax incentives and benefits in the technological development zones, industrial zones, and free zones that include a total or partial exemption from corporate income tax, in the form of a grant for the employer's share in social security, in addition to land allocation.

Laws to support innovation, research and development.

Incentives for strategic investments, with regard to large investments, and regional investments


Why invest in real estate in Turkey?

Turkey is a center of attraction for Arab and foreign investors, as there are many investment opportunities in it. A group of investors are interested in working in the trade sector of all kinds, and others are heading towards the industrial sector. The majority of Arab investors are attracted to investing in real estate in Turkey, in particular the real estate market in Istanbul.

Where the Turkish construction sector has witnessed widespread growth and prosperity in recent years, and high rates of real estate purchase in Turkey by foreign investors have been recorded.

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