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What are the specifications of residential complexes in which housing is not recommended?
The real estate investment sector in Turkey is rich and diversified and attracts Arab and foreign investors from different countries of the world

What are the specifications of residential complexes in which housing is not recommended?

where investors come from all over the world looking for high-end investment ingredients, strong and interconnected infrastructure, and the strong and vital Turkish national economy that guarantees and guarantees the continuity of investment profits

The Turkish government gives the real estate investment sector great support through many decisions and facilities that push investors to direct their eyes towards the real estate investment sector within the various states and regions of Turkey.


Among the steps that we avoided falling victim to real estate fraud:

First: It is important to deal with a reliable and well-known real estate broker. In the end, the buyer is not specialized in all the previous issues, and when he wants to buy an apartment, he will not bring all the specialists until they check the status of the complex. It is more correct to rely on a real estate company that has extensive experience and a good reputation in this field.

Second: Viewing the property on the ground more than once is an obvious right of the buyer, which you can waive. Because it is important that you go to the location of the complex and see with your own eyes the nature of the place and the services, and then you can compare and verify the specifications.

Third: It is preferable to take legal advice from an independent party or an experienced lawyer in the field to ensure that the procedures are conducted properly and to verify the validity of the documents of the complex and payment receipts. Some real estate companies provide this feature as they ensure the presence of an experienced lawyer within the contract follow-up team.


What are the specifications of residential complexes that are not recommended for purchase?

• In the event that there are legal problems related to the residential complex, such as: the absence of a title deed for the land (Tabu), or a problem with the licensing of the complex by the municipality of the region, it is not recommended to buy in it.

• The existence of problems between the project partners. In the event that there is a dispute over the complex, or there are legal lawsuits filed about the ownership of the complex or the distribution of lineage in it, or the existence of inheritance issues, etc., it is better to stay away from buying in the project.

• In the absence of a clear and accurate timetable for the date of handing over the apartments or the completion of the project and the processing of related services.

• In the event that there is no official evaluation of the property in the complex, or that the government evaluation of the value of the property is completely different from the offered prices.

• It is also advised to stay away from residential complexes built in places of natural disasters, such as those that are built near earthquake or flood lines.

• When there are problems in the infrastructure of the complex when evaluating a specialist in this field, whether problems in electricity installations or gas and water lines, the purchase order must be reconsidered.

• In the event that the complex is located in a remote area completely far from services and uninhabited.


Things to consider when buying an apartment in Turkey:

• There are types of real estate invested in, including: what is under construction, as real estate prices in Turkey vary greatly if it is ready or under construction; Where waiting increases the price of the property.

• Then choosing residential and commercial real estate in the new areas of Istanbul, which are the areas that are witnessing prosperity and increasing growth with a strong urban movement that can grow and rise continuously and by a large difference, in contrast to the stable and full areas.

• The investor needs a real estate consultant, and it is necessary to choose an experienced and reliable real estate broker in Turkish real estate, who helps you choose the most appropriate investment property for investment in Turkey, so as not to make the mistake of choosing.

• The investor must make every effort, while searching for property apartments for sale in Turkey, to see the property on the ground, and not be satisfied with the description he receives from the many marketing agencies in the traditional and electronic means of advertising.

• The investor must study the data of the area in which he decides to buy an apartment, by knowing its infrastructure, the type of apartments in it, the most important facilities and services surrounding it, and its demographic and demographic composition, to ensure that a correct decision is taken.

• The investor must verify the validity of the apartment that he will own and that it is free of any defects during construction, as well as that it is free of legal consequences or debts, or references on the title deed, and the like.



The best ways to buy real estate in Turkey:

Trusted Real Estate Agents:

If you are thinking of buying a property in Turkey, it is important to seek the help of a reputable and experienced real estate company to find the right property to negotiate the best price and help with the legal aspects. We also offer a wide range of other services, such as property management and high rent collection.

Buying a property on your own:

The process is generally more complicated and time consuming than buying a property in your home country. You will need to obtain a Turkish residence permit and open a bank account in Turkey.

Online purchase:

In recent years, there has been a growing trend of people buying real estate in Turkey through websites. The main reason for this is that it is easier and faster to find the properties you are interested in, as well as get an idea of ​​prices and locations.

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