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Transportation in Turkey
Turkey is famous for being one of the best tourist cities in the world because of its; Wonderful weather, diverse landscapes, friendly people, local cuisine with its famous dishes and being a safe country, all make for a perfect trip.

Transportation in Turkey

Turkey is considered one of the tourist countries par excellences, and with the urgent need for strong transport and communication networks to meet this purpose, the Turkish government has provided a wide network of roads and means of transportation with international standards that facilitate movement and save time and effort, especially in its major cities.

These means of transportation vary between taxis, subways, buses, trams, dolmushes or what is known as shared taxis, and other transportation.


Transportation in Turkey:

There are various ways of transportation in Turkey, including:

Public buses:

More than 800 lines dedicated to 6,000 public buses in Istanbul, as it is one of the most popular means of transportation that is widely spread in Istanbul, because it is one of the most economical types of transportation and suits everyone. It depends on the Istanbul Card as a means of payment, and it is one of the public means that supervises the competent authorities in the country. By specifying the dates and costs of its trips, but it suffers from congestion during the peak period, so it is better to rely on the official application dedicated to buses in Istanbul to schedule the trips accurately.


It is one of the best, fastest and most developed means of transportation in Istanbul, and it operates for an extended time from eight in the morning until twelve at night, and its capacity per day reaches 2 million and 500 thousand passengers, and among the types of transportation that impressed foreigners with its strength and diversity, Istanbul alone includes 8 metro lines covering most of its regions

The metro is one of the most important means of transportation that achieves the greatest connection between the various regions of Istanbul in its European and Asian parts, and it is also one of the most comfortable and fastest means.


Trams operate through the railways distributed throughout the city of Istanbul

This type of transportation relies on the use of electric energy

There are 5 tram lines in Istanbul

It is distinguished by its ability to transport large numbers of passengers, which reach two million passengers per day.

It is considered one of the popular means of transportation for tourists, which provides them with transportation to the most important tourist areas and historical monuments located in various regions of Istanbul.

The tramway is one of the public means of transportation that organizes its trips and determines their cost to the competent departments in the country.


One of the largest and most extended means of transportation in Istanbul depends on the E_5 highway, which achieves the highest speed among other lines of communication. daily to one million and 500 thousand passengers per day, and it connects between European Istanbul at its station located in Beylikduzu and Asian Istanbul at Sogutlu Cesme station, and the most important characteristic of the Metrobus is that it operates 24 hours a day and does not stop like other means of transportation such as the metro line that ends its work at exactly two o'clock ten at night.

Minibuses or Dolmesh:

They look like little yellow taxis that run every day, even on Sundays.

It is considered a private means of transportation that belongs to individuals

However, the government is interested in determining its tariff and regulating its routes

However, it is one of the economic means of transportation that is characterized by low tariffs. Payment is made in cash and not by using a card. However, passengers on Dolmus buses suffer from overcrowding, especially at peak times of the day.

Marmaray Train:

One of the means of transportation whose tracks are determined by the railway lines spread in Istanbul, which connects European Istanbul and Asian Istanbul. The Marmaray train line is distinguished by its intersection with the metro lines in Istanbul, which gives passengers broader access to the various regions of Istanbul in addition to its intersection with sea transport stations and the metro and bus tracks. Located on the E5 road, the transportation fare on the Marmaray train varies according to the number of stations traveled, which are determined by the Turkish state.


Of the private means of transportation that are owned by individuals and not by the state,

It is considered one of the high-cost means of transportation and is distinguished by its yellow colour.

It is spread all over Istanbul, and its users can move comfortably to various regions without the need to adhere to flight schedules or compulsory stops.

Private car:

Istanbul residents can also travel by their own cars, which provide them with comfortable transportation freely

Maritime transport lines in Istanbul:

There are many marine transport lines that connect Istanbul with other Turkish provinces. This type of ferry is distinguished over regular ferries by its speed and long way, which gives passengers more enjoyment of the natural scenery. It is also faster than regular ferries. These ferries move between two main ports and pay their tariff directly through the ports. Dedicated, Istanbul Ferries Company allocates a special official website in order to book appointments for passengers on its flights

It is considered one of the favorite means of transportation for tourists who go to enjoy a cruise in the most beautiful areas of Istanbul.


Istanbul Card:

It is a card dedicated to the use of various types of transportation in the city of Istanbul. It depends on the prepaid system, and part of the balance is deducted every time a means of transportation is used. The card holder passes it on a device dedicated to reading it located next to the driver. This type of card covers more than 90% of Land and sea transportation, so do not forget to buy the Istanbul Card upon your arrival in Istanbul, which is sold near the main positions of the transportation lines in the places designated for selling cards.


Types of Istanbul Kart:

Regular card:

It can be obtained from places designated for selling cards. Its price is lower in private centers than government centers, and the exact same amount is deducted each time the card is used.

Monthly subscription card:

The card is purchased and shipped with a specified monthly subscription amount as well. This type is valid for use 180 times and is used for all types of transportation in Istanbul.

Free Istanbul Card:

The card allows its holder to move around Turkey without paying any fees. This type is granted to the elderly, the military and their families, families of war martyrs, athletes and the disabled by 40%.

The Istanbul Card is used with many other services that are different from transportation services, such as entering gardens, museums, parks, and other facilities.


Transportation cost in Istanbul:

Transportation in Istanbul is divided into two types: public transportation represented by public buses, metro, metrobus, tramai, sea ferries, and the Marmaray train. These transportations are directly followed by the state, which supervises them and determines the cost of transportation in each of them, and this tariff is updated from time to time.

As for the means of private transportation such as dolmush and taxis, which are owned by individuals, the state also regulates their work and determines the costs incurred by individuals when using them.


Transportation and transportation applications in Turkey:

Although transportation apps are not widely used across the country, major cities like Istanbul, Izmir, and Ankara have many apps that make life easier while on the go.

 BiTaksi: The app lets you find taxis nearby and gives you the option to pay with cash

Yandex: If you are traveling by car, Yandex is a better option than Google Maps for directions.

 Metro Istanbul: Through it, you can know all the transportation lines, and it is suitable for foreigners

iTaksi: is one of the most popular transportation applications in Turkey.

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