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The most important specifications of Asian Istanbul
The Turkish city of Istanbul, with its strategic geographical location and ancient historical heritage, is the meeting point of East and West. It sits on the continents of Asia and Europe, which gives it a distinctive cultural and civilizational diversity.

The most important specifications of Asian Istanbul

The European side of it is a favorite destination for tourists and investors looking for apartments for sale in Istanbul and the best hotel apartments in Istanbul, due to the beauty of nature, the modernity of urban buildings and the development of infrastructure.

 The interest of Arab businessmen is focused on looking for villas for sale in Asian Istanbul, where the Asian part of Istanbul is characterized by its charming nature and ancient neighborhoods, and enjoys peace and tranquility compared to the European side.


Real estate investment in Asian Istanbul:

Istanbul Asian real estate is characterized by its diversity in terms of residential real estate and commercial real estate, and buying a property in Asian Istanbul is an ideal opportunity for housing or investment, due to the importance of the Asian side in terms of the vital strategic location and on the tourism level, as it includes the most beautiful tourist places in Istanbul, and we must mention in this context Real estate prices in Asian Istanbul are high compared to apartment prices in European Istanbul, and Asian Istanbul real estate is very suitable for the investor interested in obtaining Turkish citizenship.

Istanbul is the capital of tourism in Turkey and a destination for real estate investment, as it combines its corners with unique natural beauty and historical buildings in ancient places between its ancient walls. In addition to its high-end and luxurious residential complexes, Istanbul real estate has become the first destination for the Arab investor interested in buying real estate in Istanbul on its Asian and European sides.


Features of Asian Istanbul:

• In general, the Asian part of Istanbul is mostly Turkish, compared to the European part, which includes a larger number of foreigners and tourists.

• Uskudar region on the Asian side has ferry docks that are often crowded.

• The presence of many different restaurants and shops.

• The walkway along the Bosphorus bank, which faces the European side, and the walkway contains many benches to enjoy the view.

• The presence of the famous Maiden's Tower, which has existed for hundreds of years, and contains a coffee shop on the ground floor and an official restaurant at the top.


Why should you buy apartments in Asian Istanbul?

• Complete calm away from the hustle and bustle.

• Picturesque nature and green spaces.

• High peaks and great views

• Transportation, hospitals, schools, commercial centers and recreational spaces.

• Tourist areas and monuments.

• Various real estate offers at reasonable prices.



What is the most important area in Asian Istanbul?

The high-end areas in Asian Istanbul differ for many reasons, some of which are due to the natural beauty, while others are due to the urban and economic renaissance, in addition to the success of the various projects and their distinguished characteristics.

• Uskudar is a unique geographical location in the vicinity of the Bosphorus Bridge

The Maiden's Tower is one of the most famous tourist attractions in Istanbul, and it includes elegant residential places,

• Kadikoy is one of the most prestigious areas, and it is also a gateway to the sea port of the Asian part of the sea corridor, and near Uskudar you can enjoy a view of the Sea of ​​Marmara, and it contains many green spaces

• Kartal also, which includes housing projects with the latest modern Turkish architectural specifications, as well as Sanjak Tepe, Umraniye and other areas.


How do you know which one to choose to own (Asian Istanbul or European Istanbul)?

The disparity in the attraction that characterizes both European and Asian Istanbul at the same time may make the foreign investor who has little information about the real estate market in Turkey confused, so he must choose as follows:

• If you are looking for residential or commercial real estate for the purpose of investment, you should choose European Istanbul.

• If you are looking for real estate to live in in quiet and comfortable areas, you should choose Asian Istanbul.

• If you are looking for real estate for housing in the city center and close to the landmarks of Istanbul, you should choose European Istanbul.

• If you are looking for villas to spend the holidays in a quiet atmosphere, you should choose Istanbul, Asia.

• If you are looking for high-end Istanbul real estate, you can choose both sides of Istanbul, where there are luxurious areas in Asian Istanbul and similarly in European, and here it depends on the investor's taste.

• If you are looking for real estate in the heart of money and business, choose European Istanbul, especially Maslak Sariyer, Sisli and Basin Express.

• If you are looking for real estate in the promising areas of Istanbul, you should choose the Asian and European parts, especially the latter, such as Esenyurt, Beylikduzu and Basaksehir.

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