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Buying a property in Turkey
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Buying a property in Turkey

When it comes to buying a new property, you have the freedom to choose and decide if you want this area rather than that, and you search for real estate within your budget and work location.


How to buy a house in Turkey:

Since the Turkish cities have many options that attract those wishing to reside there, the taste of each person differs from the other, so whoever wants to enjoy the tranquility of nature. There are many quiet places in Turkey, and whoever wants to live in the atmosphere of the bustling big cities, this option is also available to him.

The prices of apartments in Turkey in the newly established areas are less expensive than others, so when you search for a house, you must focus on the newly built areas. Where there are more options, and the buildings in it are newer and the price is lower, and with the passage of time, the prices of homes in these areas will increase, which makes this a profitable investment for you.

You must select your options carefully because Turkey is one of the major cities economically and urbanely and contains a large population density, as it has crowded and noisy cities and quiet cities.

Some cities are distinguished for being centers of tourism and recreation, and some of them bear an industrial or commercial character. Here you are faced with many and varied options, and you must study them well according to your need and goal of owning a home in Turkey.


Is the property designated for constructing residential units, or is it allocated for other matters?

This is what we find advice when buying an apartment in Turkey, as some properties are being built to be shops,

Then the commercial property is converted to residential, and it is necessary to ensure that the conversion procedures from commercial to residential are completed correctly, otherwise the new owner is likely to face unexpected problems in the future.


What types of real estate can a foreigner buy in Turkey?


It is possible for a foreigner to buy apartments in Turkey with all its options and types, in cash or in installments. Whatever the purpose of ownership (housing, work, trade or investment) is different.


It is also possible for a foreigner to buy villas in Turkey within all options, whether with the aim of residency, investment, or obtaining Turkish citizenship without any restrictions.


It is also possible for a foreigner to buy lands in Turkey of all kinds, whether agricultural or construction, with the possibility of investing them and benefiting from their agricultural yields, or building on them in lands that can be built.


For foreigners who want to buy farms in Turkey with reasonable prices and luxury options, the options will be available and wide open.


Some foreign investors also prefer to buy shops in Turkey within its huge commercial complexes or vibrant markets, so that their investments will bring them good returns while benefiting from the option of obtaining Turkish citizenship.

 Mega projects such as malls, schools and hotels:

In addition to the various types of real estate and major investments, they are all available at your fingertips.


Procedures for buying a property in Turkey:

The process of buying a property and transferring ownership between the seller and the buyer can be completed in one day and in easy steps. The steps for buying a property in Turkey can be summarized in a number of points, which are:

• After making the decision to choose the appropriate apartment, the buyer of the property must come to Turkey to sign the purchase contract, or the presence of his representative through an official power of attorney certified by the notary public, or at one of the Turkish embassies abroad.

• Extracting the new owner's tax number from the Tax Department, which is extracted within minutes, and is a number granted by the Tax Department to every foreigner in Turkey in order to facilitate official transactions.

• Bring the passport with its translation into Turkish, certified by the Notary Public.

• Bring a real estate appraisal report (for foreigners), which is a report showing the real property value based on a decision issued by a company accredited in real estate appraisal according to specific procedures.

• Go to the Real Estate Registration Directorate "Tabu" to be assigned by the seller of the property in favor of the new owner.

• Payment of taxes due on the salespeople.

• The new owner is then given a title deed to his new property showing all information about the property, its location and the name of the new owner


Tips before buying a property in Turkey:

• Check the quality of the infrastructure of the apartment and the project you want to own.

• Study room divisions and their suitability for your needs and the number of your family members before making a purchase decision.

• Verify the possibility of modification to the apartment.

• Track the sources of nuisance from the project's surroundings before purchasing.

• Pay attention to choosing the appropriate look, and check that it is not possible to close the look later.

• Know well the surrounding environment of the house and the construction site.

• Make sure the legal status of the house is sound, and its record in the Tabu departments is clean, as many real estate properties are tied to a mortgage or have certain problems.

• Inquire about the monthly returns of the property, as these returns represent permanent additional expenses on the property in return for the project's services.


Real estate caveats in Turkey:

• Beware of bogus offers and real estate fraud, as you are in a new country for you, and caution must be the master of the situation.

• Avoid overpriced properties, as these offers often involve major irregularities or problems.

• Beware of falling into the trap of delusional offers with exaggerated investment returns, as most of these offers sell nothing but illusion, and often hide a number of problems with them.

• Choose a reliable real estate consultant, and verify the credibility of the consulting company you have chosen by verifying the opinions of its former clients.


Services provided by the property to the residents:

You must make sure that the project you want, whether it is residential, commercial or administrative, has some basic services.

Examples of the following basic services that some may need:

• The availability of well-known supermarkets so that you do not have to go out to buy your needs.

• Availability of means of transportation in the region.

• The presence of a commercial mall.

• Presence of security, guarding and surveillance cameras to ensure security and protection in the area.

• Availability of social services.




Istiklal Homes real estate services for those wishing to buy a property in Turkey:

Istiklal Homes Real Estate was and still is a bright beacon for those seeking real estate investment in Turkey as an example of its services. Our services were manifestations of the needs of the market and the necessities of Arab and foreign investors in particular, and our services from the airport to after purchasing the property.

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