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Smart homes in Istanbul
The real estate sector in Turkey has been able to achieve many successes during the past few years, and this is due, of course, to many factors, as it was able to attract foreign and Arab investors

Smart homes in Istanbul

from all over the world and push them to put their capital within the real estate investment sector in Turkey thanks to the many facilities provided by the Turkish government For them, such as granting them the right to obtain Turkish citizenship in exchange for real estate investment.

As a result of this openness, apartments and real estate began to diversify in Turkey and deviated from their traditional style


What is the smart home system project?

It is a new fad in the world of real estate in Turkey, as many construction companies have begun to turn to it. What is meant by smart homes are those homes in which modern technology is used, in the sense that they rely on technology in all home facilities, so that with one click of a button you can control everything in your home, starting from controlling lighting for water faucets and electrical appliances such as TV screens, air conditioners, doors and even curtains, down to kitchen appliances and temperature control in the home. Smart homes contain an integrated information network that alerts residents and protects them from diseases

These homes understand what you want, and do most things for you


What are the characteristics of a smart home?

• Opening doors with a card or with a fingerprint.

• Control air conditioners electronically outside the house.

• Lighting characterized by sensors that illuminate the place automatically upon entry.

• Loudspeakers in all rooms.

• Surveillance cameras in children's rooms.

• Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning.

• Security and safety, energy saving.

• Windows open and close at day and night.

• Remote control by SMS.

• Informing the homeowner of attempts to penetrate the house or to enter the prohibited areas of the house.

• Alert you automatically when an emergency occurs while you're away.

• Automatically call the police and firefighters when a fire breaks out in the house.


The most important benefits of smart homes:

• Standardization and integration of home systems to coordinate work among them and increase individual control over each part, in addition to reducing operating costs and energy sources.

• Smart homes are distinguished from other traditional homes in that they are always connected with their owner and meet all his requests and desires in an impressive modern way.

• The owner of the house can communicate with his house and give him orders through a small device that he moves around in the house and also through a computer in addition to small control devices that are distributed in the rooms of the house, as well as while you are outside the house. And even outside the country through the Internet.

• With the possibility of programming some systems to work at a specific time, for example when you are traveling, you can program the home lighting to work at a specific time and turn it off at a specific time every day.


The difference between ordinary homes and smart homes:

Smart homes do not differ in their shape, appearance, and building materials from traditional homes, but the main difference between them is that smart homes need an infrastructure that is stronger and larger than that of traditional homes, so that your home contains home lighting and fire control systems, opening and closing curtains, and controlling audio devices And picture and movie projection, in addition to controlling home security, air conditioning, water and garden irrigation, you will need to build highly intelligent and powerful systems in order to perform all these tasks with precision and discipline.


Smart home projects in Turkey:

There are currently many apartments for sale in Istanbul and real estate in Turkey in general that contain this system, most notably the Istanbul Palace project in Beylikduzu and the Romantic Smart Apartments project in Beylikduzu.

There are devices on which the smart home system depends, including smart switches that replace traditional switches, smart sensors, and others.

The Istanbul Palace complex in Beylikduzu is distinguished by its combination of English architecture with Ottoman architecture and its keeping pace with technical development, while the Romance smart apartments project in Beylikduzu is characterized by a strict monitoring system for all important matters, starting with security and ending with children. Many of those interested in owning apartments for sale in Istanbul that the Istanbul Palace and Romance smart apartments projects in Beylikduzu are revolutionary projects in the world of smart homes.


Smart home prices in Turkey:

When comparing the features and specifications of smart real estate compared to traditional real estate, we will find a huge difference, and therefore the prices of smart homes will definitely be higher than other apartments.

But there is no need to worry, as you can choose the specifications that you want without others, that is, reduce the features in exchange for a good deal to buy the property.

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