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Kucukcekmece Lake in European Istanbul
The charming Küçükçekmece Lake is a prestigious and charming tourist destination in a beautiful marine area

Kucukcekmece Lake in European Istanbul

The lake is located in the Kucukcekmece district on the European side of Istanbul between the Kucukcekmece, Esenyurt and Avcilar regions.

The population of the neighborhood is 600 thousand people, and the area enjoys a charming view of the lake. It is considered one of the most beautiful lakes in Istanbul, fifteen kilometers from the city center.

The area of ​​the lake is 16 km

The length of the lake is 10 km

The width of the lake is 6 km

The depth of the lake is 20 meters


Description of the lake

The water of the lake is not salty, but between the sea and the lake there is a line of sand and gravel. The excess water flows from the lake into the sea, so the water becomes a little salty, and the lake water does not fit the specifications of drinking water.

The lake consists of different types of different wild birds such as ducks, seagulls and fish


Lake features

It is famous for its wide garden and the famous park around Kucukcekmece Lake, where there are many restaurants and cafes

Lake Kucukcekmece is the center of a number of kayaking clubs as well as water skiing, jet skiing and semi-spinning offerings.

The lake is one of the most beautiful and largest natural lakes in Istanbul and is an important tourist attraction that attracts tourists to enjoy the beauty of the lake and practice various recreational activities

Numerous archaeological discoveries were found in Kucukcekmece Lake, where two underground water tunnels were discovered, in addition to orchards dating back to the Stone Age.

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