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Eurasia Tunnel
It is one of the innovative solutions by the Turkish government to reduce the problem of traffic congestion in the city of Istanbul and facilitate the movement of citizens between its two parts.

Eurasia Tunnel


What is the Eurasia Tunnel?

The Eurasia Tunnel is a tunnel for cars located in Istanbul, which connects the Asian and European parts of Istanbul through the seabed. This tunnel was officially opened on December 20, 2016.


Eurasia Tunnel Details:

This project was implemented by distinguished construction companies, which are the Turkish private Yapi Markazi Company and the Korean SK Company, as the length of the tunnel is about 14.5 km, so it can be considered the sixth longest tunnel in the world, with a height of 14 meters and consists of two floors.



What are the most important advantages of the Eurasia Tunnel?

• The tunnel reduces the duration of trips from 100 minutes to 15 minutes, in order to reduce congestion in the streets of Istanbul, and thus be the fastest means of transportation between Asia and Europe.

• The tunnel consists of two floors, in each floor there are two ways back and forth, and at the end of the tunnel on both sides there are ventilation openings and passage entrances, and on one side there is the central administration headquarters.

• The double-decker tunnel has special and advanced technology, and it has upper passages for pedestrians and underpasses for means of transportation.

• Reducing harmful emissions from the environment by preserving the external atmosphere from car exhausts resulting from normal roads over the sea. Thus, it is considered an environmentally friendly project that saves energy and fuel.

• It is considered an important point in Turkey's economic and investment history, and a paved way for trade and cultural exchange between two of the world's largest continents.



What is the impact of the Eurasia Tunnel on the economy in Turkey?

• Despite the large cost of the project, we cannot say that it negatively affected the Turkish economy. On the contrary, this cost was borne by private companies within the government's idea to circulate the project over a period of 25 years, after which it would become the property of the Turkish people, as the government imposes special fees for entering the tunnel In one of the two directions, which means that the proceeds of the Eurasia Tunnel are sufficient to pay the value of the project.

• The great importance of the Eurasia Tunnel appears in the great prosperity of the tourism and transportation sectors, as the tunnel provides about 25 million hours annually for commuters between the Asian and European parts of the city, which facilitates the movement of tourists and citizens and ensures movement with greater speed and comfort.

• The Eurasia Tunnel also makes a big difference in terms of environmental and climate protection, as it reduces the amount of burned fuel needed to reach the other side of the city by 160 million Turkish liras annually.

• The urban value and design of the tunnel increased the prosperity of the Turkish economy when it was chosen as the best tunnel project in the world for the year 2016.


How did the Eurasia Tunnel affect real estate investment?

Of course, all mega projects, including the Eurasia Tunnel project, affect the level of demand for ownership and real estate investment in the neighboring areas, as they greatly increase the value of these properties, especially since this project is considered a quantum leap in the transportation sector.



The cost of constructing the Eurasia Tunnel in Istanbul:

The cost of constructing the Eurasia Tunnel amounted to one billion and 250 million dollars, according to Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, who confirmed at the time that the tunnel would save 160 million Turkish liras annually in fuel thanks to the shortening of transit time between the two continents.

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