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Taksim history, culture and commercial markets
It is located in the European section of Istanbul, knowing that it represents the center of the modern city in the Beyoglu district, and it was established by Sultan Mahmud I

Taksim history, culture and commercial markets


• The region is considered one of the most famous tourist places in Europe, and it was called Taksim, meaning distribution, because it was the point where the main water lines gathered and branched to other parts of the city.

• It is famous for many famous restaurants, hotels, and shops.

• What are the most famous landmarks of the Taksim area?

• The field is the preferred place for holding celebrations and events, and there are many different hotels in it, such as five-star luxury hotels and small hotels with shared rooms, and the most famous of its hotels is (Santa Ottoman) which is 300 meters away from Taksim and (Innpera) and 50 meters from Taksim Square, in addition to (Triada) It is very close to Taksim Square.

• Istiklal Street extends from the square all the way to Galata Tower and is located in the square in the middle of Istanbul, and three million people pass through this street every day, so it is a crowded street full of loud sounds and it can be said that it is a microcosm of Istanbul, where it still retains traces of Old Istanbul.



• The street is famous for its numerous shopping opportunities and other attractions, such as historic cinemas, Beyoğlu, the churches of Santa Maria, St. Antoine, historic corridors, innovative art galleries, Turkish consulate buildings, neoclassical architecture, and many museums such as the Pera Museum.

• The memorial is a statue carved by the famous Italian artist Pietro in 1928 AD, to perpetuate the memory of Ataturk and many important personalities of his time, and the victory in the War of Independence. Celebrations are held near it on some occasions such as the anniversary of Ataturk's death and the anniversary of the War of Independence.

• The old Tramway is a train that is used as a means of transport from the square to Istiklal Street, to the old tunnel area (Tunnel) and to Galata Tower, which is one of the most famous historical monuments in Istanbul.

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