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When buying a house for the first time in Turkey
You are on a date with many observations and inquiries, especially if you do not have sufficient experience in the real estate market in general, and in the Turkish real estate sector in particular, so we, in Istiklal Real Estate, wanted this article of ours to be a helpful and most important guide for those wishing to buy real estate in Turkey for the first time. You will find many details and information when you continue reading the article: Why do you want to buy a house for the first time in Turkey? This is the first question

When buying a house for the first time in Turkey


The most important thing in the journey of real estate ownership in Turkey, whether for the first time or if you have previous buying experiences, but it is very important that you ask yourself this question to know the desired feasibility of owning a property or house in Turkey for you, and will this step satisfy you or not?

Is your goal only housing and stability?

Or do you want to invest in real estate? Do you have an investment plan or not?

Do you want to buy a property only for the purpose of obtaining real estate residence in Turkey?

Or do you want to buy real estate to obtain Turkish citizenship?

Or are you looking for a safe wallet for your money?

There are many questions that you must have one answer to, either yes or no, in order to clearly define the steps to be followed when owning real estate, the stages required of you, the procedures, and certainly the budget allocated for that. Since you did not buy a property in Turkey earlier, this is no It never scares and is not a cause for concern, because the desire to own a property or a house is an inherent desire for all people wherever they are, but what is frightening is that you buy the property and you do not know why you bought it. So determine the reason or reasons that prompted you to think about owning a property in Turkey before you make the first purchase Once.Tips when buying a property for the first time. A group of important tips that we have prepared for you in the context of our conversation about buying a house for the first time in Turkey, so that this experience is at the highest level of safety, and that you are at a high level of reassurance and satisfaction: Focus well on the location. Some may think that the word location is in relation to real estate. It is only brief by defining the state and the neighborhood in which you will reside. Yes, this description can have a large share in determining the location, but the locations are not considered to be of the same importance to all people. Someone may tell you to buy in the place “such and such”, as it has shopping malls and is close to the metro station, for example. And the Near such and such a university, yes, they are distinctive features, but what if the house is far from your work? Note here that we told you at the beginning that you must define your purpose of owning the property so that you know well where you will choose the address of your property? If you want the house to live, if the intention is permanent residence, It should be close to your place of work, or the transportation and roads that lead to your place of work. You should also choose it near the university where your son is studying, if possible. In addition to the above, you start by differentiating between the real estate options offered, in terms of the services provided within the complex. Residential housing, proximity to commercial malls, and vital and touristic places. But if you want a temporary residence during the vacation times you spend in Turkey, it is better to choose a quiet place away from the city center, car noise, work traffic, and the hustle and bustle of life. If you want a home for investment, your options will be wider here. And you will choose the site that brings you the most profit, and that fits your budget allocated for buying a house in Turkey. How much will you pay to buy your first home? Find out about real estate prices in the state in which you will reside and the different neighborhoods that you will choose, then compare them and Indicate the budget you allocate for the purchase of your first home in Turkey. For example, in Istanbul, the average price of an apartment of 100 square meters:

In a residential complex: it starts from 120 to 170 thousand US dollars


And if you want to obtain Turkish citizenship by buying a property in Turkey, the amount paid must be at least $250,000. Pay attention to the surroundings of your home. Primarily focus on:

Modern transportation stations

Government and service centers

Shopping centers

Schools and hospitals


Bank branches and ATMs

postal branches

The closer you are to many of the vital centers mentioned above, the better and more suitable your experience in buying real estate will become for you, and it will contribute to increasing your comfort while living in the house, and even in investing. Being near vital and entertainment centers makes your profits from real estate investment greater. Focus on the interior specifications of the house, the more The better the services and interior specifications of your home, the greater your chance of comfort, and among the things that you must focus on in this regard:

Is the house in an apartment complex, or not? What are the services provided in the complex?

floor number

Is there a balcony or not? And the view


room styles

Interior finishing of the house

Ventilation and lighting inside the house

construction age

Always balance your ambitions and capabilities. Your balance should be between what you think of owning and what you allocate from a carefully studied financial budget, so do not pay more than you can bear, and do not buy a property that does not fulfill your ambition, but search, consult, and try to get your balanced choice. Give attention. Senior for Legal Affairs Always be aware of real estate laws, and it is preferable to seek the help of an expert or a lawyer when owning a property in Turkey in order to ensure that you obtain the property through sound legal methods, and that your real estate ownership is registered in the land registry records in Turkey and officially recognized. Listen to the experiences of those who preceded you if you have relatives or Acquaintances or friends who have had the experience of buying a property in Turkey, it is useful for you to ask them and inquire from them about the most important procedures and advice that must be followed, and be sure to ask those who have a close experience in real estate ownership so that their advice is closer to your reality. Challenges of owning your first property in Turkey You have many challenges ahead when buying House for the first time in Turkey, the most important of which are:

The budget and the amount that you will pay to buy the property, as many risk large sums of money in the field of real estate, without studying the feasibility of paying this amount

Also, the other challenge is to buy a property with bad specifications just because you do not have enough budget for that, and this is also considered one of the problems that will make you difficult to buy your first home.

One of the challenges is also obtaining financing for owning the first property, either by buying the property in installments or through a mortgage, and here the focus is on: the monthly payments, the sufficient time period for paying the installments, and whether you will have the ability to pay the installments on time.

In general, the speed in completing the experience of buying your home in Turkey may lead to many problems later and surprises, so give more room for thinking, research and consultation.

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