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What do you know about permits and construction costs in Turkey?
The issue of construction in Turkey adheres to certain controls that are approved when starting to build a project or a house on a land, as not every land is suitable for construction work, so the land on which the building will be built must be included in the construction organization or the so-called “construction plan” in order for construction to be possible on her.

What do you know about permits and construction costs in Turkey?

This land should also be registered within “dwelling” in the field of the architectural status related to it, in addition to the necessity of obtaining a document related to the construction status that includes all information related to the land from the concerned municipality, but in the event that the land is located in unorganized areas such as rural areas or others, it is possible Building on it,

 but with several conditions, namely:


Not to cause an aesthetic or health problem in the organizational sector or organizational unit.

The share of the building shall not exceed 5% of the surface of the organizational sector in which it is located.

The total construction area should not exceed 250 square meters on two floors as a maximum.

The height of the building shall not exceed 6.5 meters above its floor level.

The minimum distance from the regulatory boundaries of sectors and roads should be 5 meters.


- Permission is given to build in unregulated areas, such as summer homes for families or those related to tourism and entertainment facilities that meet the above conditions.


Building system in Turkey:

Reinforced concrete construction is the most common in the Turkish building system and in many countries of the world. It carries many advantages in terms of economics and durability compared to other construction systems. It also carries some negatives. There are many systems that can be used in building houses such as the steel frame system. The building system of stone bricks and wooden houses.


Construction method in Turkey:

Each piece of land in Turkey has documents that include all information about it in the municipality to which it belongs. In the construction method in Turkey, this document must be considered, which justifies the appropriate way to deal with this land and build on it according to the divisions and regulations permitted by the municipality.

It is also necessary to obtain a building permit for this land in terms of its use and the way it will be built on it, because the construction conditions differ according to the uses related to it, whether it is residential or commercial.


What are the building permits in Turkey? Where is it obtained from?

In order to construct a building on the land, it is necessary, first of all, to prepare the architectural plan for the building and to conduct reviews of the construction units in the concerned municipality in order to obtain construction permits. As for the documents required to obtain building permits, they are:


Application for a license.

- The Tabou.

- The construction status (to be applied for by the municipality in whose administrative borders the building is located).

  The status document (shows the boundaries of the sectors and is obtained from the Directorate of Land Survey.

Architectural plan (certified by the Chamber of Architects).

Architects room record document.

Reinforced concrete plan (certified by the Chamber of Architects).

Structural Engineers Chamber Record Document.

Electricity wiring diagram (certified by the Chamber).

-Mechanical engineers room record document.

Soil study report.

Appointing a responsible for the implementation of the plan and its papers.

Documents related to the building institute where construction is being undertaken by a contractor authorized to build.

The documents of the building control company and the building control contract.

Building information form.

A bank receipt showing the deposit of 20% of the building control company’s rent into its account.

Construction supervisor contract.


How much are construction costs in Turkey?

The main focus of people dealing in the construction industry is the cost calculation, as construction costs include the price of building materials and necessary supplies, in addition to the construction or undertaking fee that is calculated according to one square meter and changes according to the system used in construction.

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