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Laws of managing residential complexes in Turkey
The residential complex is a group of residential and commercial properties consisting of apartments, offices, and shops combined in one place within several floor buildings surrounded by an external wall that prevents the entry of strangers and regulates the entry and exit of the residents of the residential complex and their guests through the reception staff.

Laws of managing residential complexes in Turkey


The complex is also monitored internally and externally with surveillance cameras that operate around the clock through the Security Protection Office to intervene in the event of any emergency or danger to the population. Most residential complexes in Turkey also include social and recreational services such as swimming pools, Turkish baths, playgrounds, gardens, restaurants, and others.



The real estate prices in these complexes are higher than the price within the independent buildings due to the quality of their construction, designs and locations, which are often within vital places (highways, the heart of cities, on the coasts...) in addition to the services they provide. In turn, the Turkish authorities imposed a set of laws to regulate work These apartment complexes


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Legal lighting on the management of residential complexes

The management of residential complexes means the conduct and management of the works necessary for the continuation of the basic and additional facilities in the residential complex, by serving its residents to the fullest extent.

The legal frameworks for the management of residential complexes have been developed and organized in many laws and their appendices and executive regulations. The floor ownership law is the most important of these legal frameworks regulating this matter.

In the laws regulating the management of real estate, the owner of the real estate or the council of owners, consisting of all the owners of shares in the real estate, are the supreme legal authority in this real estate.



What is the residential complex management plan project? What are the foundations for its preparation?

The residential complex management plan project is a written plan that includes all the work that will be carried out by the residential complex management, in addition to specifying the costs of these works in a predictive manner. This project is for a full year.


According to Article 37 of the Floor Ownership Law, the residential complex management plan project must include the following:


Estimated expenses of the principal property for one year.

The estimated share of the costs incurred by each of the owners, according to his share in the main property, which is calculated on the basis of Article 20 of the Floor Ownership Law as follows:

The expenses of the porter, the heating-maintenance and the keeper, and the superintendent of the gardens, are to be divided equally among all the proprietors.

Principal property insurance expenses, common facilities operation and maintenance expenses, general maintenance expenses and the manager's salary are calculated on the basis of the owner's share of the property's land.

After preparing the draft plan, it is sent in writing to all owners, and in the event of any objection to the project, within seven days from the date of notification, the objection is reviewed, and a decision is taken on it in a meeting of the owners’ council, and in the absence of an objection, the project is approved as a management plan for a whole year.

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