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Residence in Turkey for Iraqis
Turkey is the first and only destination for Iraqis, due to the ease of entering Turkish lands and the ease of obtaining residence in Turkey

Residence in Turkey for Iraqis

. The culture of the Turkish people is very close to the culture of the Iraqi people, due to the ancient ties and bonds between the two peoples. We will explain to you the types of residence permits in Turkey, their advantages, costs and conditions, God willing.

Types of residency in Turkey for Iraqis:

Tourist residence or short-term residence.

Real estate residence.

Human residence.

Student residence.

Family residence.

Tourist residence in Turkey for Iraqis

   We will explain to you all the details of the tourist residency for Iraqis about its advantages and conditions, the reasons for acceptance, the reasons for rejection, the duration of the stay, and to whom this tourist residency is granted in Turkey in general and Istanbul in particular

Advantages of tourist residence in Turkey for Iraqis

Tourist residence has many advantages for Iraqis in Turkey. We will mention the most important of these features, the most important of which are:

1 Entry and exit to and from Turkey on a continuous basis without going back to the embassy or consulate in Iraq and waiting for a long time, and your request for tourist residence may be rejected, so that you do not need these things. Just book by flight or land and enter with ease.

2. If you want to travel from Turkey to any other country in residence, it is easy for you to obtain a visa for this country, which is one of its most important conditions, such as if you want to go to Europe or an Arab country such as Morocco, Tunisia, Egypt.

3. If you want to live in Turkey and stay more than the period specified for you in the visa (one month), the tourist residence is the best and least expensive option.

4. Opening a bank account in all Turkish banks.

5. Obtaining a driving license market certificate in Turkey.

6. Renting a house and opening bills in your name (water, electricity, gas, internet).

7. Converting a tourist residence permit into a work residence permit, which has many advantages.

8. Opening offices and companies and issuing the tax plate.

9. Renting or buying a car or real estate


Conditions for tourist residence in Turkey Istanbul for Iraqis

Tourist residence has conditions in Turkey in general and Istanbul in particular, due to the momentum and the large number of foreigners in it, so you, my dear friends, should know these conditions in order to ensure taking residence and avoid rejection. Among the most important of these conditions are:

1. Your entry into Turkish territory should be through the airport or land border officially, i.e. with a visa

2. That the passport covers the period of residence at least and has a validity date of one year.

3. Make an appointment to stay before the expiry of the visa period and prepare all the papers required of you.

4. Submit the papers at the time specified for you by the Immigration Department (GOÇ IDARESI).

5. Waiting inside Turkish territory until the residence card is issued.

Documents required for tourist residence in Turkey

   When the Immigration Department sends you a letter that they send the tourist residence file to the Immigration Department by mail (ptt), you must prepare the complete papers without missing a number to avoid rejection. I will mention to you the required papers if the application is for the first time or in the event of renewal:


1. Withdraw the 7-page appointment.

2. Preparing 4 personal biometric photos.

3. Taking the tax number from the tax department to pay the taxes.

4. Paying taxes to the state in the tax office building.

5. Obtaining health insurance for ages over 18 years and under 65 years old from health insurance companies licensed by the Turkish state, and beware of fake offices, because this exposes you to legal accountability.

6. Attach the lease contract stamped by the Notre Public, or attach the personal paper in case of renewing the tourist residence.

7. Obtaining the family book from the Iraqi consulate in Istanbul or the Iraqi embassy in Ankara for families who have children under 18 years old, and stamping it from the qa’im maqam in the place where you live.

8. Send all these documents by mail to the address on the appointment.


The cost of tourist residence in Turkey for Iraqis

The cost of tourist residence according to age in Turkey for Iraqis, which are costs that include the date of the interview and taxes according to age. Under 18 years old, approximately 200 Turkish liras, and over 18 years old, 250 Turkish liras, tax number and health insurance according to age, notar of the lease contract and postage fees, i.e. residence ranges according to ages from (400 to 900 pounds) for one year, and for two years (550 to 1200 pounds)


    There is a 20% discount on health insurance for our Iraqi families for health insurance.


Reasons for refusing tourist residence in Turkey for Iraqis

One of the most important reasons for refusing tourist residence for Iraqis in Turkey is the delay in taking the appointment after the expiration of the visa period, or taking the appointment while you are outside Turkish territory, submitting incomplete or forged papers such as health insurance and the appointment from fake offices, leaving Turkey after handing over the papers to the PTT mail before the initial approval is issued Putting a fictitious rental address, not delivering the papers at the time specified to you by the Immigration Department

Renewal of tourist residence permit in Istanbul, Turkey

     You must take the date for renewing the tourist residence before the expiration date of the residence within the last 60 days of its expiry and send the complete papers by mail after specifying the period for sending the file by the Immigration Department and the papers required in renewing the tourist residence are the date, health insurance, taxes, the lease contract or Nufus paper, and 4 biometric photos.


Real estate residence in Turkey for Iraqis

    Real estate residency is granted to Iraqis who own real estate in Turkey. This residency includes the real estate owner, wife or husband, and children under 18 years old. We will explain to you its conditions and advantages.


One of the conditions for real estate residence in Turkey for Iraqis


You must buy the property and book an appointment for the residence before the expiry of the visa. If you own a tourist residence and bought the property, you must transfer the tourist residence to the real estate one before the expiry of the tourist residence.


The papers required for real estate residence in Turkey for Iraqis

4 biometric photos

Book an appointment for an interview

Health insurance for one or two years, depending on the period submitted to it

Extracting the tax number + paying taxes to the Turkish state

Title deed + continuity of title deed + municipal paper

Bring the family book from the Iraqi embassy or consulate in Turkey if the property owner has a family and stamp it from the Qaim Maqam

One of the advantages of real estate residence in Turkey is for Iraqis, and it is granted to the whole family, and you have the right to apply for Turkish citizenship after three years have passed and children enter Turkish schools and u

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