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What is the cheapest city to live in Turkey?
This has become the question that many who want to move to Turkey and search for the best places to live are looking for an answer, and although the cities of Istanbul and Ankara ranked first as the most popular and attractive destinations due to the multiplicity of services and job opportunities, the cost of living in them is very high.

What is the cheapest city to live in Turkey?

On the other hand, there are many Turkish cities located in the Turkish east, which are characterized by a decrease in the cost of living related to health, transportation prices, and food products, which also provide high-level services and facilities, so they have become a suitable place for moving and settling within them.


It is necessary to look at the living conditions in Turkey, especially the newcomer who is looking to reside in it. In terms of health, health services are available in two options:


General Insurance: SGK Free health services for all family members in all government hospitals.

   Private insurance: its cost is 700 pounds annually, covering all basic matters. It provides discounts between 40 and 80%, depending on the type of insurance and the company.

In terms of education and study, there are free services, as the state has provided facilities for Syrian Arabs to pursue studies for free in varying installments.

In this article, we present to you an adequate picture of the cheapest cities in Turkey for living:


Agra city:

According to the latest statistics conducted by the Turkish Statistical Center, the city of Agra ranked first, as it is the cheapest Turkish city to live in, due to the availability of many of the following advantages. It is located in eastern Turkey on the border area with Iran and is considered one of the mountainous provinces and is characterized by its extreme cold in the winter. It is also characterized by a significantly lower cost of living than the rest of the Turkish cities, and the city is distinguished by its picturesque natural landscapes, which made it the first focus of attention for all nature lovers. The city of Agra is also distinguished by the ease of transportation, as transportation is available on a daily basis, linking it with all Turkish cities, and flights are available 3 times a week. It is famous for exporting fish and growing mountain crops.

Diyarbakir city :

It is one of the largest Turkish cities located in the southeast with the Syrian border and is characterized by low prices, especially those related to foodstuffs. It is considered one of the cities adhering to the religious traditions and customs of Turkey. It is dominated by the Arab character by a large percentage. It is among the five cheapest cities in Turkey. The unit price per square meter in home sales was announced at 344 TL and Baglar district was the highest with an increase of 2.8%..


Ottoman city :

The city of Osmaniye is located in the east of southern Turkey and is distinguished by the low cost of living in terms of the prices of food products, transportation and transportation, and it is considered one of the cheapest cities to live in Turkey in terms of the prices of meals in restaurants and hotels, and the city of Osmaniye is considered among many important tourist areas, in addition to containing an Ottoman University Korkut Ata consisting of 5 colleges and institutes.

As for the cheapest cities to buy real estate :

Malatya city :

One of the most beautiful cities in eastern Anatolia, it has a calm nature and is called the apricot capital. It is two and a half hours away from Gaziantep by car. It has a population of 550 thousand people. The city is surrounded by many valleys, mountains and rivers. In the city of Malatya, the unit price per square meter is set at 1,000 Turkish liras.

Belgium :

It is one of the famous heritage cities in Turkey. It was the capital of the Ottoman Empire, as it is distinguished by its ancient form and monuments, until it became a tourist attraction. In Bilecik, which is located in the South Marmara region, housing sales prices are seen at 1,000 TL per square meter.


  The construction of this city dates back to about eight thousand five hundred years BC. It is bordered by several cities such as the city of Samsun. Also, the climate of the city of Amasya is hot in the summer, and in the winter is cold and rainy. This is due to the mixing of its climate with the Mediterranean climate and the Black Sea climate. The selling price per square meter in the city of Amasya is 1100 TL, while the annual increase is about 7%.

Kayseri :

  The city of Kayseri is located in central Turkey and is considered the capital of the Anatolia region and enjoys the authentic Ottoman heritage. Where the city of Kayseri has customs similar to the Arab peoples, unlike Istanbul and Ankara. Turkey's Kayseri province has the cheapest average price per square meter of housing for sale, rated at £1,133. The annual increase is the same as the average in Turkey increased by 8%.


Thus, the cost of living in Turkey is an important factor in the decision of expatriates to stay in it or not. Turkey is the country inhabited by more than seven million Arabs, and they loved to live in it and share life with its citizens with all its requirements of housing, clothing, health insurance, services and transportation.

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