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Types of commercial real estate in Turkey
The real estate market in Turkey witnessed a significant and remarkable prosperity and growth in the last period, and this growth continued despite all the difficult conditions that the Turkish economy went through. Attracting more foreign investment to the Turkish real estate market, because this diversity in real estate types means high and guaranteed investment returns and profits.

Types of commercial real estate in Turkey

The types of real estate in Turkey differ from the types known around the world, so those interested in the field of real estate investment in Turkey must familiarize themselves with these differences in order to get acquainted with the real estate market conditions in Turkey and thus have a complete idea for their next investment in Turkey.


Types of real estate in Turkey:

In general, real estate in Turkey is divided into two main types, under which the most detailed types fall, which are old or resold real estate and new real estate, and these two types include a large number of types, which we will talk about in detail:


Residential real estate:

Residential real estate includes many different types of houses, and it is considered one of the most common and sold types of real estate in Turkey compared to the rest of the types. Residential real estate is used for the purpose of housing and stability, or for investment, in order to obtain a regular monthly or annual return, which are:


Residential apartments within a residential complex:

They are usually higher in price than the apartments in ordinary properties, and these residential complexes are characterized by providing many services


  Security services where guards are available day and night.

  swimming pool.

  Sauna centers


Turkish baths.

Building cleaning, care and maintenance services.

Private gardens and playgrounds.

Payment is immediate or by installments according to the agreement. In the case of installments, the price of the apartment increases by about 10% - 50%, depending on the duration of the installment and the down payment.


Residential apartments outside a residential complex:

They are usually in independent buildings, and they consist of 4-10 floors with a maximum, but they do not have any services except for the general services provided by the Turkish government in each neighborhood, and the average price of apartments in Turkey in independent buildings outside residential complexes is about 60 thousand dollars and increases according to The location of the building, for example, the prices of apartments in Istanbul in independent buildings located in the tourist and commercial neighborhoods are higher than others.


Old apartments:

They are apartments located in buildings that are more than 20 years old, and their price depends on the age of the building, its location, and the view provided by the building. This type of real estate in Turkey provides more room for choice for the foreign investor or the person wishing to own a property in Turkey in general. As the prices of these properties are low and suitable for most budgets, so if the property is old, its price will drop by 10-30%.


Studio apartments:

Studio apartments are characterized by very small areas, usually 60 square meters, and consist of one bedroom connected to the living room, kitchen, and bathroom. They are suitable for young people or unmarried workers, because they do not allow more than one person or two at most.


Duplex apartments:

Duplex apartments consist of two floors, connected by a private internal staircase, and their space varies according to people's needs, as they start from two bedrooms (2 + 1), and can reach six bedrooms (6 + 1) and more.


It is considered the most preferred type of real estate by large families, and it can also be used as two separate residential apartments, and each floor is a separate apartment. In addition, its cost is low compared to standalone villas.


Triplex apartments:

They are apartments consisting of three floors, connected by an internal staircase, similar in organization to duplex apartments, and can be used for large families or as separate apartments, as they have a low cost compared to stand-alone villas.


Buying villas in Turkey:

Villas in Turkey are independent units, consisting of two or three floors or more,

It can accommodate large families, and the villa is characterized by a private garden and sometimes contains a private swimming pool, as it is surrounded by walls from all directions and has a private entrance.

Standalone villas are usually concentrated in high-end neighborhoods in the country or in huge residential compounds. Also, the stand-alone villa is considered one of the least requested properties compared to other types of real estate, due to its exorbitant cost.


Penthouses, townhouses, and twin houses:

Penthouse apartments occupy the upper floor of large buildings or skyscrapers, occupy the entire surface area, and contain an outdoor terrace. They are also considered luxurious and expensive apartments, as they are isolated from the rest of the apartments, and often contain


A private pool.


Townhouses are small villas adjacent to each other, characterized by a unified architectural design, and the separate villa is connected from the inside with a small garden, and sometimes it consists of one or two floors.


Twin House consists of two semi-connected villas, completely identical to each other, but each of them has a private entrance and an independent garden, shared by two families.



Land investment is a guaranteed investment in Turkey, as there are many different types of lands in Turkey, including


Farmland :

They are lands that are used for agricultural purposes, whether they are farms, orchards, green lands, or fallow land, which is the vacant land.


Residential lands:

  It is the lands that are used to build buildings, and are owned by the state or owned by concerned individuals, and provide guaranteed investment returns if sold after a period of time, especially in light of the Turkish economic growth.


Public lands:

  They are lands, most of which are considered public property of the state.


Commercial real estate:

This type of real estate is used in Turkey for investment or commercial purposes, and it provides large investment returns, and it is huge residential complexes, in the form of skyscrapers, or commercial buildings, that contain all the requirements, and it is possible to buy a type of real estate in the residential complex.


Shops and stores:

Considering that trade is one of the widespread sources of income in Turkey, so when buying shops or stores, the return on investment is huge and completely guaranteed, especially the stores contracting with international brands, which are located in large shopping centers


office units:

The rate of demand for renting office units has increased significantly, due to the emergence of several new companies in Turkey, due to the high economic growth rate of 7.4%, and the inflation of the investment volume. Therefore, office units are among the leading investments for many real estate owners, as they have guaranteed investment returns.


Restaurants and cafes:

Profits from restaurants and cafes are increasing significantly, especially popular restaurants and cafes, which are located in the tourist and vital areas of Turkey, as Turkey is an important tourist destination for many tourists from all over the world.


shopping centers :

It is possible to buy an integrated shopping center, contract with world-famous brands, and then rent stores, which enables a huge monthly or annual return.



Turkey is a global and essential tourist destination. The purchase of hotel apartments brings a huge and completely guaranteed return, especially in the tourism seasons in Turkey.


Educational and medical buildings:

Educational and medical buildings provide guaranteed returns, especially due to the high population growth rate in Turkey, which amounted to about 1.3 percent annually, and the youth category occupies the largest proportion, estimated at 25 percent of the total population, in addition to the presence of many foreigners residing in the country, whose number is approximately 5 one million population.


Industrial real estate:

This type of real estate is popular in Turkey due to its low cost, as it is in remote areas far from the city center. Industrial real estate includes factories, warehouses, and production centers, in addition to warehouses, research and distribution centers. These properties in Turkey provide their owners with a stable income when they are rented for investment.


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