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Tarabya district in Istanbul
One of the finest areas in Istanbul overlooking the sea directly

Tarabya district in Istanbul

Istanbul is one of the global cities in terms of tourism, so it is not possible to limit a certain number of its beaches and its charming natural and historical attractions

One of the unique and quiet areas where all means of recreation and entertainment are available, in addition to being one of the finest tourist places in Turkey, is the Tarabya region, which is characterized by its charming view of the Bosphorus Strait, its family parks and its commercial centers.

It is considered one of the high-end areas between the Black Sea and the Sea of ​​Marmara, which is surrounded by boats and luxury yachts on all sides

Many hotels are located on the outskirts of the region, in addition to parks, public gardens, seaports, and the famous Belgrade Forest, where many recreational activities such as horse riding and bicycles are practiced.


Tarabya contains many tourist destinations, the most famous of which are


Rumeli Castle

One of the most famous tourist places in Istanbul, it has a sea front and two land fronts, and it is an ideal place to take great pictures


Hyder port

This port is one of the most beautiful natural places that tourists visit for recreation and enjoying a distinguished cruise across the Bosphorus on boats and fishing.


France Garden

It extends over vast green areas and has a wonderful lake. The reason for its name is the Garden of France. This is due to the miniature model of the French Arc de Triomphe that is located in it, which makes it similar to Paris, the French capital.


baby park

A park for young children that provides collaborative activities between children and their parents using innovative games


Tarabya Restaurants

It includes a large number of restaurants and cafes specializing in preparing seafood, oriental and local foods with a wonderful view of the beach and the Bosphorus Strait


Shopping places in Tarabya

The region has a large number of modern shopping centers and contains the most important international brands, and popular markets are spread in it

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