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Kartal district in Istanbul
Kartal is one of the areas of the Asian side in Istanbul, which stretches on the coast of the Sea of ​​Marmara in the south Surrounding neighborhoods: Sancaktepe in the north And Sultan Beyli in the Northeast

Kartal district in Istanbul

And Sultan Beyli in the Northeast
And your item in the east
The history of this neighborhood dates back to the fourth century AD, and the area is characterized by being a quiet coastal area and containing high-end residential complexes.
All the necessary services are available in the area, and there are a lot of entertainment venues. Mount Idos is located on the highest peaks in Istanbul. The location of the area on the coast made it one of the main ports for access to the Princess Islands and the town of Yalova.
The Kartal district is one of the areas of Istanbul rich in health and educational services, such as Suleiman Shah University. The area also contains many hospitals and medical centers.

Kartal has a strong transportation network that connects it to all areas of the city, the E5 highway passes through it, and it also has a metro station in addition to the high-speed train.
It is located 10 km from Sabiha International Airport, 35 km from Taksim Square and 44 km from the Bosphorus

Kartal is considered one of the most vital areas in the Asian side of Istanbul and is of great importance in the field of real estate investment as a result of modern projects in the region and the services provided to its residents

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